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The recent drafting of weaponry legislation in Congress has complicated the distribution of ammunition sold online. The website has found a source of common ammo stock that remains for sale online at a discount price. This new information is now offered here at iTrustNews.

According to a news report released by, many common types of ammo are becoming harder to find online through most retailers. Rounds for handguns are equally more difficult to locate compared to 12 months ago online.

We’ve recently found these calibers in stock:

30-06 Ammo, 17 HMR Ammo, 7.62x54r Ammo22-250 Ammo44 Magnum Ammo, .223 Ammo,

5.56 Ammo, 9mm Ammo,7.62×39 Ammo, 7.62x54r Ammo, 22lr Ammo, .357 Ammo

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Some backlogs are reported in this news report to be up to a one-year wait per order. The pressure now placed on some retailers to perform more in-depth background checks for customers purchasing specific ammunition is creating part of the delay.

iTrustNews has researched multiple retailers online able to stock and sell ammo to the public without lengthy delays. The listing of resources now online at iTrustNews is providing an online resource for gun owners to use to find discount prices and expedited shipping.

One of the discount offers that are presented here is a $5.00 shipping offer for any orders above $125.00 submitted online. This limited time offer was researched and confirmed to help provide additional resources and incentives to the public. This research process is part of a new series of consumer reviews and reports that are published daily online. This information is now gathered and sorted for consumers who make purchases online compared with offline mail order companies.

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