Fitness Product Sales Explode

Its no surprise that the most common New Year’s Resolution for Americans seems to be fitness and weight loss. As the Christmas shopping season ends and the new year begins retailers are seeing big jumps in fitness product sales. Among the most popular products so far this year are running shoes and heart rate monitor watches.

Most retailers are taking advantage of the new year’s fitness trend and running sales in order to boost bottom lines and start the year off with a bang. Our editorial staff found a couple of noteworthy sales and good bargains here:

Running Shoes Sales

Heart Rate Monitor Watch Sales

Retailers like Amazon are reporting increases in popularity and sales of fitness products overall. This is to be expected as it has become normal at the beginning of each new year. What is interesting this year is the type of fitness products that people are buying. Running shoes and heart rate monitor watches are a good indication of running’s resurgence as a popular exercise platform.


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