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Shred Diet Plan

Once again, Dr. Ian K. Smith(we all know him as simply Dr. Ian) is back on top.

The New York Times bestselling author has another success with his latest, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet, which is the No. 1 book in the country right now.

His newest diet promises to help people shred four inches and two sizes in as little as six weeks, and Dr. Ian says that this diet is the one to stick with. He’s seen an average weight loss of 20 pounds in six weeks from devotees of this new diet, and he says it’s fitting for those who have 10 pounds or over 100 to lose.

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“I started customizing a plan that I only sent to my personal friends, to help them push through the plateau so they could reach their weight-loss goal. I never planned on publishing this. I wasn’t even thinking about publishing it, it was just something I used sort of as a secret weapon for my friends.” Ian K. Smith

What makes his latest weight-loss plan different than all his others? This time around he introduces the concept of “diet confusion.”

What is “diet confusion”? The concept has long been used for exercise, switching up programs so the body doesn’t get used to one way of doing things. It’s the same thing with eating, Dr. Smith says.

By utilizing “diet confusion,” your body is less likely to hit a plateau – that dreaded pause that often happens a few weeks into a new weight-loss plan.

Some of the tools used are low-glycemic foods, meal spacing, meal replacement products, and using detox and cleanse principles from his previous books “The Fat Smash Diet” and “Extreme Fat Smash Diet.”

Over a six-week program, “Shredders” will eat four meals and three snacks a day, and the book promises an average loss of 4 inches and two clothing sizes.

iTrustNews found customer reviews and discount pricing for the Shred Diet Plan here.

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